Sneak Peek: At the End of Everything, Chapter 1

~Chapter 1~ **Draft Only** Thaly twisted in mid-air and plunged feet first into the pool of reflection at the base of Hansen’s Bluff in Laodicea. Grin landed flat on his back next to her, clutching Tom to his chest, shielding their injured friend from the impact of the fall. The shock of the cold waterContinue reading “Sneak Peek: At the End of Everything, Chapter 1”

Culture – Erstürmen [er-steer-men]

Inspiration: Like most cultures in The Relevation Trilogy (TRT), the Erstürmen culture has real-world influences. Beyond creating interest for me as an author, the links between real-world cultures and cultures in TRT have an important narrative implication, highlighting exchanges that have occurred between Ostamp and Earth. That is, other travellers (besides Tom Anderson) have usedContinue reading “Culture – Erstürmen [er-steer-men]”