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Book 1: When Darkness Descends

Dark magic transports Tom Anderson from Earth to the shadowy land of Enthilen where he begins the hunt for a killer. Entangled in a treacherous web of subterfuge, can he find the killer before succumbing to nefarious forces? 
Set in a complex world of unique lands and creatures, When Darkness Descends blends mystery and adventure in a fast-paced, epic fantasy.

Book 2: At The End Of Everything

Friends Tom, Grin and Thaly escape the clutches of Malphas, leaving Enthilen on a merchant ship. But the journey proves perilous, tearing the friendship apart and setting each of them on a path that threatens to destroy every hope.        
The second book in The Relevation Trilogy, At the End of Everything, unveils the mystery surrounding Tom Anderson and races towards a shattering conclusion.   

Book 3: She Will Rise

Dwarrow pressed his face close to Tom’s and said, “This isn’t about saving our world from its end. It’s about avoiding the start of an awful world that may last forever.” He pulled away and spluttered, “And it’s already late. Late indeed! We need to hurry.”
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