Book 1

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Five-year-old Tom Anderson cowered in fear while a mysterious stranger murdered his beloved grandmother, Jean Anderson, then disappeared. Now a young man crippled by guilt and anxiety, Tom’s offered a chance for redemption, but it means leaving Earth behind. Dark magic transports him to the shadowy land of Enthilen where he begins the hunt for Jean’s killer. However, unbeknown to Tom, his arrival in Enthilen has been engineered by Malphas, a cruel, exiled ruler who needs to capture Tom to bring forth an endless tyranny.

Tom is befriended by a giant stone-grell, Grin. They travel through treacherous lands seeking justice for Jean, but become entangled in the ongoing battle between Erstürmen rulers and Dobunni rebels for control of Enthilen. With the help of rebels Jacob and Athalee, and a mouldewerp called Dwarrow, Tom fights to evade the pursuit of the merciless Malphas. Time is running out to find Jean’s killer before Tom succumbs to nefarious forces. Will he deliver justice, or will the opportunity be lost forever?

Set in a complex world of unique lands and creatures, When Darkness Descends blends mystery and adventure in a fast-paced, epic fantasy.


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