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Indi Reader Approved (4.1/5 stars).G. W. Lücke’s WHEN DARKNESS DESCENDS is an engrossing addition to the high fantasy catalogue. Lücke’s characters have a vivid energy; the land and people of Enthilen are illuminated with care and detail, and the plot runs at a tight, satisfying pace.” See full review at IndieReader.

Recommended by the US Review of Books. “Lücke’s strength lies undoubtedly in his ability to build worlds with immense depth. With intriguing plotlines and continuously evolving character arcs, the story keeps the readers engaged and anticipating the next sequence of events.” See full review at US Review of Books.

‘Get it’ Kirkus Reviews. “A fresh and intriguing fantasy…the author introduces an array of memorable characters… fantasy aficionados will…find themselves engrossed in the story from beginning to end.” See full review at Kirkus Reviews

Foreword Clarion Reviews (4/5 stars). “In the engrossing fantasy novel When Darkness Descends, a young man seeks revenge in a mythical world.” See full review at Foreword Clarion Reviews.

The exquisitely created fantasy world of Enthilen, and a horde of twists and turns as Tom and Grin are put against a set of formidable enemies keep the pages flying. Lücke strikes a perfect balance between stunning worldbuilding and layered narrative as his hero struggles against powerful enemies while on a journey of self-discovery. Lücke is a writer to watch for.” See full review at The Prairies Book Review

With dynamic characters, interesting histories, and compelling drama, When Darkness Descends is a new fantasy that is sure to suck readers in. Engrossing and immersive, Lücke’s epic fantasy is filled with charming creatures and mesmerizing landscapes. With a dramatic, irresistibly exciting cliffhanger as its finale, readers will be locked to the page and left wanting more.See full review at Book Review Directory

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