She Will Rise

Twelve years have passed since Tom Anderson fled Enthilen. Malphas has entrenched his authority, rebuilding Pergamos into an impenetrable fortress. His burgeoning army awaits orders to destroy Gestade and Giigal. When darkness descends amid the daylight, Malphas will pursue his final act, sacrificing an immortal on the throne of the dead to lure Volerdie, the Divine Creator, back to Enthilen. The Erstürmen believe this will reveal a long-promised paradise. Others think Enthilen will collapse into eternal chaos. Dwarrow, the mouldewerp, has a plan to stop Malphas. But it can only work if Tom Anderson returns to the world he abandoned.    

The third book in The Relevation Trilogy, She Will Rise, weaves every plot thread into an epic tapestry revealing profound secrets and lies that provoke a final, devastating confrontation.

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