At The End Of Everything

Grin and Thaly rescue Tom Anderson from the clutches of the wicked Malphas and escape Enthilen on a merchant ship. But the journey proves perilous, tearing the friendship apart and setting them on different paths. Tom seeks the land of Bindari, where he believes he’ll discover how to defeat Malphas. What he finds there, throw his plans into chaos but reveal a chance to thwart Malphas if Tom’s prepared to risk everything.

A shared trauma brings Grin and Thaly closer together. After returning to Enthilen, they join hundreds of stone-grells on a pilgrimage to the grell city of Malang Gunya. Malphas, King Adalwolf and thousands of Erstürmen are already there, pulling the city apart to rebuild the lost kingdom of Pergamos. The confrontation between the grells and Erstürmen threatens to end many lives and plunge Enthilen into turmoil.   

The second book in The Relevation Trilogy, At the End of Everything, unveils the mystery surrounding Tom Anderson and races towards a shattering conclusion.   

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